Partner visa

Partner Visa

how to apply for a partner visa, prospective marriage or defacto visa

Defacto visa is for overseas residents who have been living with an Australian permanent resident or citizen for over 12 months in a serious, committed ongoing relationship. You must be able to provide evidence of certain aspects of the relationship for this visa to potentially have a successful grant.

  1. living arrangements

  2. joint financial aspects

  3. aspects of the household

  4. evidence of mutual commitment

Call us if you need to discuss if you meet eligibility. We can also arrange payment plans if required.

Subclass 309 Prospective marriage visa - Partner (provisional)

This visa is our favourite! This visa is for those who want to bring their partner out to Australia to get married. This is the pre-visa so the partner/girlfriend/internet romance can enter Australia, then apply onshore in Australia for a subclass 820/801 partner visa (it is better to apply for a visa onshore). Please note: there are certain conditions attached to this visa such as "you must be married within a 9 month period" unless compelling and compassionate circumstances apply. 


What we do

We make visa applications easy

Alliance Migration are professionals in partner visa applications such as the defacto visa (living together more than 12 months in a "mutually exclusive, genuine, ongoing and committed relationship"). Also if you have been living together for less than 12 months. Many of our clients have only lived together for short periods. 

When lodging a partner visa, we prepare quality professional applications and supportive submissions, which correspond with the relevant legislation and also meet department criteria and validity. No matter what, we will always suggest that people have a consultation with a registered migration agent first as sometimes, people believe it is easy to apply for the partner visa if they have been in a relationship with an Australian citizen or permanent residence for more 12 months, when in fact they may not meet all the requirements.

 As the requirements for each partner visa subclass can be complex, many people do not realise that there is certain criteria that must be met when applying for the partner visa. If the criteria is not met in the application, the visa risks being refused and or rejected. 

Lodging a partner visa is also two-stage process with the grant of subclass 820 (temporary) which then  after second stage lodgement, turns into subclass 801 (permanent), which is permanent residency. You will be eligible for the 801 visa as a defacto partner once you have been approved for the subclass 820 and 2 years has lapsed since lodgement. There are certain provisions for those who may be able to shorten eligibility for the 801 , such as you have been with your partner for more than 2 years and there is a child from the relationship or you have been married and together for more than 3 years.