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Do you want to live in Byron Bay, surfing at The Pass – Image Courtesy of ‘theinertia’

Byron Bay is a place like no other, it is the home to celebrities, artists, surfers and hippies alike, all surrounded by absolute paradise. The Byron Shire Region is also considered the alternative lifestyle capital of Australia. Here is Why.

Most towns and communities of the Byron Bay region in Northern New South Wales are considered to be apart of the Australian Aquarius counterculture. The region also plays host to a majority of diverse residents, both rich and poor, who are choosing to live an alternate lifestyle, away from the big cities, by deciding to not be inhibited by the societal rules that most abide by. The aquarius counterculture is a oppositional approach to conventional norms and promotes ‘freedom of expression’.

Within the Byron region this alternate lifestyle is expressed with:

  • abstract music and art
  • organic, vegan and holistic living
  • non-consumerism
  • community (tribal) living
  • interpretive dance (everywhere!)
  • unconventional clothing (everyday is dress-ups!)
  • spiritually conscious
  • documented examples of ‘criminalised’ drug and psychedelics use


Byron Bay

Even though Byron Bay itself prides itself on the buskers, arts and music and funky cafe scene, one of the best positives of Byron Bay itself is the nature. As Australians we see much nature but for Byron Bay, the nature is everywhere. At the Byron Bay lighthouse you can watch whales and dolphins playing in the waves below at Wategos or Tallows,


Many people come to Australia to learn how to surf. In Byron Bay there are lots of surfing options. You can catch some really long point break waves in Byron Bay by surfing The Pass. The Pass has waves for both beginners and experts alike, but can sometimes be very crowded and hard to stay at the top of the peak. Our advice is to keep running laps around the point, by catching a wave, getting swept back into the shore and doing it again .

The Wreck is a shipwreck from the early twentieth century that is a great spot for riding some nice quick beach breaks directly out the front of the Beach hotel (or Beachy as locals call it).


Nimbin is a small farming village situated in the mountains around Byron Bay, the village was once a sleepy dairy town and was transformed overnight into the symbol of the Australian ‘rainbow movement’ in the early 1970’s. The town still hosts a very strong counter-culture with its colourful local residents, hemp museum, rainbow cafes serving organic, vegan and other non-mainstream products and the annual Nimbin hemp festival called “MardiGrass” which includes a large protest rally for the decriminalisation on marijuana in Australia.

Brunswick Heads

Situated on a beautiful river and ocean offering amazing music events (especially the Sunday afternoon sessions) at Hotel Brunswick, beautiful nature with lots of bushwalking tracks and rugged surfing and calm swimming beaches, cool opshops with vintage goods, and delightful cafes and food (we recommend fish and chips and also the falafels), this town is a sleeping giant.

Free Byron Bay Guide

As a part of our Byron Bay program with being migration agents, along with organising your student visa for free, we also offer a free welcome guide. This is a guide for students and international people coming to the area offering advice on,

  • best places to go out in Byron Bay
  • where to find a job in Byron Bay
  • where to get support in Byron Bay

For a diverse Australian cultural experience unlike no other, we offer many student visa programs for you to live and study in Byron Bay with courses such as:

  • English
  • Business and management diplomas
  • Commercial cookery
  • IT