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Frequently Asked Questions about migration agents


Q) – Who are Alliance Migration?

We are Alliance Migration, a team of Migration Specialists from Australia who directly assist people in the process of Australian immigration, and assisting in Australian visa applications. For a working visa for Australian non-citizens, our work is done by assessing the education, work history and personal situation of a client, and offering them advice and solutions for the most appropriate Australian visa to apply for.


Q) – Why choose a registered migration agent?

Preparing visa applications that have to be lodged with the Australian immigration department (DIBP) can be considered quite difficult. For a normal person, immigration law is an extremely complicated process to navigate, as the law is very strict with the regulations for certain visas changing almost daily. We are trained experts in navigating this law, hence are successful in being granted visa approvals.


Q) – Why choose Alliance Migration?

Alliance Migration is an agency based on client service. We are passionate about Australia and care about providing the best application and submissions possible, by explaining fully the application process and honest chances of getting successful grant.

We have lived in Australia our whole lives but understand the needs of a migrant. Alliance Migration provide (if required) a follow up service on entry to Australia, where we can point you in the direction any necessary services and support.


Q) – What do I need to provide for my visa application?

All we need from you to apply for a visa is your certified documentary supporting evidence, this is a list of documents we require from you to proceed with the application. From this we will provide all the other requirements, such as detailed written submissions and proposals in line with the current legislation to the Australian Government.


Q) – I do not have enough money for a migration lawyer, what do I do?

Many people try applying for a visa by themself without the use of a Registered Australian Migration agent, but end up losing thousands of dollars of their money and large amounts of time when the visa is not granted. We have payment programs available that can be discussed in our clients service agreements.


Did you know that “Visa Grant Approvals improve by up to 50% more when engaging the services of an Australian immigration agent”


The main reasons for your visa not being granted
  • Not making a valid application
  • Not Providing Enough Evidence
  • Incorrect Information
  • Not meeting the Criteria for the Visa
  • Capped and Ceased Visa
  • Not meeting personal criteria (character and health requirements)

Alliance Migration can also guide clients through the visa application process, if you need your visa application to be successful and granted, but do not have enough funds for our full Australia visa application services.


Alliance Migration know Australia, its land and its people.

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