Visa Application by myself

Have you thought of applying for an Australian visa but do not know where to start?

You want to try and lodge a partner defacto visa yourself. Good luck, and we will more than likely hear from you at a later stage. Our job is cleaning up the mistakes of “self lodgers” who really think they know what they are doing, but then receive a refusal or a request for information (RFI).

Most people do not understand how complex Australian immigration law is. Understanding visa laws and their requirements can be a complicated and long process which gernerally requires professional assistance from those who deal with these matters every day.

Alliance Migration get a lot of enquiries for people who want to “go it alone” but have no idea where to start.

As Registered Migration Agents with our governing body MARA, we know the laws and specifics for your visa enquiry and successive application.

All we can tell you is RISK!!!! The law and internal department policy is constantly changing. For example, certain subclasses or nominations can receive refusal without a request for information being sent to the applicant. Also our job has also been cleaning up DIY visa applicants mistakes!!!!

For example, you have a subclass 482 skilled worker visa but wanted to apply yourself for the subclass 186 (permanent) skilled visa application. RISK!

Some of the most popular questions we at Alliance Migration are asked is:

  • Why should I get an agent or immigration lawyer, my friend did it and was approved.
  • Can I still apply when my job is removed from the skilled occupation list?
  • Do I still require a medical for my visa?
  • Also, what evidence is needed when applying for my permanent skilled visa?
  • Is there any difference in apply for the old student visa and the new one?
  • Are the visas going to change?
  • How can I increase my points to apply for an independent skilled visa?
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    How to apply for Australian Visa by myself