Skilled Occupation Lists

What is skilled occupations?

Skilled occupations are for workers who have experience and/or qualifications in certain occupations. These occupations offer non-Australians a chance for a permanent residency pathway, or stay in Australia to work short term.

Please click this link for skilled occupations and enter your occupation at the bottom of the page to see if your occupation or qualification is on a skilled list.

Note that more comprehensive assessments are generally required for some occupations that may be hard to define or for skills that may be relevant for state occupation lists.

Relevant permanent visa skilled occupations come from three lists. Medium Long Term Strategic Skills List either employed or independent, Short term Skilled Occupation List or Regional Skilled Occupation list. AS AT 1 JULY 2022 – NOTE THAT SOME WORKERS ON THE SHORT SKILL LIST ARE NOW ELIGIBLE FOR PERMANENT RESIDENCY DUE TO THE PANDEMIC.

The MLTSSL or medium long term skilled list offers the best options for workers with experience and qualifications in the listed occupations, but there can be permanent pathways for occupations on the other lists such as state sponsored visa or the 491->191 temporary to permanent regional pathway.

Note that all of these visas have really detailed requirements, such as skill assessments and English language and age.

Australian skilled occupation list has changed.

The Australian Department of Immigration announced removal of the 457 visa program and revised the Skilled occupation List to a Australian MLTSSL in 2017 but some workers can transition over with less requirements such as age, and certain periods employed in the role which are permanent visa occupation lists for either employed roles or skilled visa without an employer for certain occupations “>Medium and long term strategic skills list and short term skilled occupation list, revising (SOL) & Consolidated Skilled occupation (CSOL) lists in removing over 200 occupations. Note now there have been some new provisions introduced and some of these skilled occupations may now be able to transition to permanent residency for workers who are not on the long term skilled occupation list, or may be over the maximum age either 45/50 etc. This was introduced 1 July 2022.

See below for the new skilled occupation job list for Australia.

457 to 482 to permanent visa

This means some skilled workers can no longer be eligible to work in Australia under the skilled work program or qualify or be eligible for the permanent subclass 186 sponsored work visa (direct entry stream, TRMS scheme – where you have worked in your role for 2 years, or labour agreement stream). PLEASE NOTE: This Australian skilled list will not affect RSMS 187 visa applications unless you by legal instrument need a skill assessment, as you only need a role on the ANZSCO, but this could still change in the future for your occupation. Info on the new current Australia skilled lists are;

If your occupation is listed here below in the new skilled occupation list then you are currently eligible for a sponsored work visa either temporary or permanent under relevant visa subclass 482 (this may change) or state sponsorship (check relevant state to see if you are eligible). Contact us or email us if you need any visa advice or migration assistance with eligibility and visa application

Sublclass 491 temporary regional visa to 191 permanent visa

The new term temporary regional skilled work visa is for workers who are employed by an approved sponsoring employer for a period of up-to three years. Once the mandatory time working for the regional employer has been met they are eligible to be sponsored for the subclass 191 permanent rsidency stage of that visa. Note that certain postcodes apply for regional areas and the occupation must be on the Regional Skilled list.