Family visa


Family visa

With the Australian migration laws being so complex, applying for a family visa can be extremely difficult and for some visas, somewhat expensive. Since May 2018 the federal government announced new amendments for certain investment visa holders to be able to apply for a permanent parent visa without needing an Australian sponsor and/or meet the Balance of Family test. This change was implemented on the 17th November 2018, giving the ability to now apply for a permanent visa.

If you are an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident with a parent that is an overseas citizen, there are a number of options available if they wish to come to Australia depending on yours and their circumstances. Some options can be quite expensive (*being approximately  and some with extensive wait times of (at the moment of writing this page) can be up to 30 years.

Parent visas have a few different options: Contributory parent, aged contributory parent, aged parent, parent. Some of these are offshore grants and some are over $54,000 in application charges. The extra charges significantly reduce the wait times. Also the new temporary parent legislation has been introduced potentially offering 3 -5 year visas for parents to visit their children.

Alliance Migration offer assessment, and can offer application and evidentary assistance for those needing an Australian family visa for a child or family member.

We deal with lots of subclass 445 extended eligibility visas. This when an Australian partner visa applicant wants to bring their children over to Australia before any permanent visa grant or decision. This means you can attach the child as a dependent to the pending visa application. Other subclasses are orphan relative, orphan, child, remaining relative (50 year wait) and others. Give us a call if you need professional assistance or assessment.